Orchestra Est was formed mainly by the 3rd and 4th grades of the University of Tokyo Orchestra in 2016 and held its first concert in October of the same year. The name « Est » comes from the French word representing “east”, which is a part of our university’s name. “Est” was also named after the superlative suffix in English. The name represents our wish to deliver superlative music.


Photo: “Serenade for 13 wind instruments”
(In the 3.5th concert)
Programmes of our concerts have a wide variety from familiar pieces such as “Die fledermaus” overture or “Pictures at an Exhibition” to symphonies of Beethoven or Brahms. In addition, our concerts have included pieces that consist exclusively of string or wind instruments, namely “Triptyque for String Orchestra” and “Serenades for 13 Wind Instruments”.


Figure: Our research reports on amateur orchestras

It is said that there are 800–1,200 amateur orchestras in Japan. As this wide range of this estimation indicates, it is extremely difficult to know about amateur orchestras. Since most of them are voluntary associations, there are no regulatory agencies or industry associations. Thus there are no reliable statistics or comprehensive databases.

We collect information about amateur orchestras through various independent surveys and cooperation with other amateur orchestras. In the future, we aim to become a pioneer in studies on Japanese amateur orchestra and to contribute widely to amateur orchestras.

System Integration

We use information technology to promote (semi-)automation of administrative operations in amateur orchestras. We are developing research tools such as measurement of promotion effectiveness and prediction models for the number of visitors in concerts.